2014 Winner of Nature's Best Magazine's Windland Smith Rice International Wildlife Photography Award in the Video Category


This video has been on display at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC and numerous other museums and galleries throughout the USA. It has also been featured on several television programs, including National Geographic TV and the BBC.


As one of the most watched documentary film series on public television, NATURE delivers the best in original natural history films to audiences nationwide. Nature is celebrating its 35th Season in Fall 2016.

Over the years, NATURE has brought the beauty and wonder of the natural world into American homes, becoming in the process the benchmark of natural history programs on American television. The series has won more than 700 honors from the television industry, the international wildlife film community, parent groups, and environmental organizations – including 17 Emmy Awards, three Peabody Awards, and the first honor ever given to a program by the Sierra Club.

premiering on PBS

the story of cats - a two part miniseries

Episode 2 will include footage of 'Ambush in the Pantanal'

8pm on November 9th, 2016.

Check your local listing.


Smithsonian Earth is a commercial-free streaming service that offers unlimited access to original documentaries, short series, and Nature Scenes.



Watch an interview with Sally Eagle about the award-winning Jaguar Attacks Caiman video on Smithsonian Earth.

Visit the Smithsonian Earth website and sign up for the 30-day free trial to watch the interview.


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