On December 17, 2014, Sally had the unique experience of being in Havana on the day Raul Castro and Barack Obama announced the beginnings of an easing of relations between the two countries, with the goal of eventually lifting the embargo and resuming normal international diplomatic ties.  For two weeks prior to the announcement she traveled the country, starting in Havana, flying to Santiago de Cuba in the East, and then driving through Baracoa, Holguin, Camarguey, Remedios, and Santa Clara back to Havana.  She immediately appreciated how much wonderful hope this news would bring to the Cuban people.  There will be enormous positive shifts in their lifestyle, standard of living and window to the rest of the world.  Hopefully the Cuban culture that is so enthusiastically expressed in their music, dance, art and architecture will continue to thrive and maintain its unique personality and flavor. There is no doubt that Cuba is at a turning point.

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